I help build

connection • compassion • confidence

in new families

Annie Vandehey • Postpartum Doula • Style Doula

Who am I?


I am a Certified Postpartum Doula in Portland, Oregon and I took many different paths to get here. I got started with in-home care as a nanny, which led to elder care and CNA work. After having my own children, I was drawn to postpartum work as a way to help new families discover their own path to parenthood.

I believe parents of all types deserve compassion. I believe all varieties of families need support. I’m excited to find a way to assist yours!


  • Daytime doula services, $30/hr. (4 hour minimum*)
    Available between 7am-10pm. Some of the things I can help with are: baby wearing skills, basic lactation troubleshooting, bottle prep, light housework (including laundry!), sibling/pet integration, food logistics, emotional/physical support to promote bonding of birthing person/baby…I also love finding resources for parents and referring out to others to help solve issues out of my scope.
    * Sessions shorter than 4 hour will be billed at $40/hr

  • Postpartum planning sessions, $65.
    These will address concerns over who does what after baby, such as routine chores, meals, etc.. where are we putting baby? feeding baby? gear resources and help finding appropriate classes, support groups, etc… do you need written signage? a visitor calendar? what do we really need now vs what can wait 3 months?

  • One hour planning conversation either in home or over zoom, then I will prepare a personalized plan for you and your family. 1/2 hour follow up again in home or over zoom to set you up for success. ( a bit before or after baby's arrival depending on need)

  • Postpartum style services, $30/hr. (2 hour minimum)
    Unsure how to shop with a new baby? Need new pieces for work? Don’t know where to start or what to keep? Want strategies for baby wearing or nursing/pumping? Have questions about retaining your style with a new identity and body? Have non-standard concerns? Let’s talk about it all! The birthing year is a challenging wardrobe time but we can rock this. I can assist with closet assessment to see what will work moving forward that you already have and help things magically disappear from your closet that no longer serve you.

What’s my jam?

Everything I do is within the framework of connection, compassion and confidence. My hope is that families feel connected to each other and this new family member and are compassionate to each other during this time of huge transition. I believe there is no “bouncing back” from receiving a baby…only moving forward. There are also no roadmaps…only guides and whatever tools you threw into your kit. Some tools we have to help you build confidence at the wheel are: learning how to care for this new baby body and your new body and how to safely feed and sleep near this tiny new human and learn who they are. When you can read your baby better and anticipate needs, stress levels go down and oxytocin goes up. Win win!

How does this work?

For doula hours, when you contact me through the form we will set up an introductory phone call and see if we want to proceed to a consult. This can be done over phone/video or in home and up to an hour to get a sense of scope. After the consultation if we are mutually agreed I will email a proposal/agreement/invoice and you will have a week to accept or decline services. 50% deposit due upon agreement acceptance. Remaining balance due on day one of service.

For in home consults I will contact you within 12 hours of receiving your questionnaire to set up a time. After contact I will send the invoice and your appt. will be confirmed upon payment.

I’m looking forward to working with you!